Lady Diana (ladydiana) wrote in italia_exchange,
Lady Diana

Hi everyone

Just found y'all while updating the user info for sicilia in order to post another soliciation to community_promo, which I don't recall seeing one of italia_exchange in that community. Whoever the maintainer is may want to amend that. :)

Anyone here fluent in Italian technical language (computers/IT stuff?) LiveJournal just recently moved to UTF-8 encoding and they need translators, and I'm lucky to say "Buon Giorno" without getting shot, much less trying to translate technese. :) (/me glances at corewar)

Anyway, Hi, I'm Diana, I live in Dallas, 1/2 Sicilian, studying Italian, planning on going to Sicily next year to visit my cousins, am a genealogist, a telecommunications engineer and I'm rambling senselessly. :D
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