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Hello all, I just joined.

My name is Kelly and I have no real understanding of how much Italian I have in me. I know for a fact that my grandfather on my mother's side is Roman, so I guess that makes me at least 1/3. The problem is that my dad was adopted, so his ethnic background is completely unknown. When he was young, people have commented that he looked Greek or Italian. Now, though, he looks a little Hebrew. So, who knows...he was an olive skinned caucasian with black hair. ANYWAY, I can't speak any italian, except va funcalo *lol*. My mom never learned it...For anyone who might be curious, or related heh, I'm descended from the Tardugnos. I know there was a Tardugno family who lived in Southern Italy in the 1800s, but my family, according to my grandfather, is Roman and did not live or come from that far south. So they're either not related, or just distantly related. I also know that there is a Tardugno Pizza joint in Rome, NY and a Tardugno family dentist practice also in Rome, NY. My grandfather had several brothers, though, so they could be business from those children, but I know they are not from his brothers. My grandfather immigrated from Ellis Island and they settled somewhere on a nice plot of land. Unfortunately, Irish gangsters drove them away, and they ended up in Lawrence, Mas. My grandfather currently lives in DC.

So yeah, that's my story.
Oh and if you can't tell, I like genealogy :p
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