fuzzy caterpillar (gliii) wrote in italia_exchange,
fuzzy caterpillar


heyla. wandering around the foreign languages searchthingy in lj brought me here, and since there were few people and it was about italy ... i joined. ::halo.::

i'm 16 and a half, and exactly a quarter italian. my grandmother's parents both immigrated from italy -- one from florence and the other from sicily. i forget their original last name, but when great-grandfather and his 7 brothers got to america, they changed their last name to muff, to 'americanize' it. (sniffle.) and to further the nonitalianizing of my family, my grandmother never learned italian, because great-grandmother wanted her to be more american.

thusly, i speak a very teeny-weeny bit of italian, which i've gleaned from various "teach yourself a language" tapes. ^_^ but i'll be fluent someday. aaaand .. yep. that's me. :D
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